School Leadership Global Network

02 jun. 2021 |

A global network of school principals and educational leadership experts, created with the aim of strengthening leadership roles in schools.

The Global School Leadership Network brings together school principals and experts to strengthen leadership roles in schools. The group focuses on understanding the characteristics of effective School Principals and their main challenges while empowering school leaders to become effective change agents. The group oversees leadership and its impact on education to generate innovative ways and ideas to strengthen principals’ and teachers’ leadership roles, facilitating them to be agents of change at their schools and supporting quality education. The group aims to reinforce educators’ voice within the academic and policy-makers community as well as other interested stakeholders.

The creation of the network is an initiative of the Varkey Foundation and Global School Leaders, which is part of the Teacher Task Force promoted by UNESCO. 

If you are a school principal or an expert in educational leadership, join our network to: 

  • Interact with colleagues from across the globe and become a member of a Global Network hosted by TTF UNESCO!
  • Work on your professional development and learn from Educational and other outside Leadership Experts!
  • Be part of a learning report which will be launched in collaboration with UNESCO TTF by the end of the year!

Effective school leadership is essential to improve the efficiency, equity and quality of education. (UNESCO,2018 – Activating Policy Levers for Education 2030. Paris, France). 

Agenda 2021

The global network will be composed of two groups working simultaneously: One of school principals and one of educational leadership experts. The groups will meet virtually and each meeting will be an opportunity to allow interaction, knowledge of outstanding projects and good practices aligned with the current context and their impact on education. The exchange of experiences and collaborative work will provide insight into the challenges faced by principals in guiding future generations interacting in today's fast-paced, connected and diverse world.

With the support of the Inter-American Education Leadership Network