02 jun. 2021 |

The objectives of the Global School Leadership Network are:

➔ Identify the characteristics of effective school leadership.

➔ Identify current and future challenges related to school leadership and their effects on the quality of education.

➔ Promote innovative solutions and opportunities to address challenges identified as common to all.

To empower school leaders to become effective change agents in their school communities through training, networking, reflection on practices and positioning.

➔ Strengthen the voice of educators within the academic and policy community, expanding their social and professional networks, and publishing their considerations, analyses and the results of the network's work.

To build a network of School Principals and Experts around School Leadership, which will continue to work for years to come.

Results by December 2021

➔ Report on the main challenges of School Principals, and possible solutions.

➔ Dissemination of the main findings (report) to policy makers and other stakeholders.

➔ Final event will bring together the whole network and other stakeholders.

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